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An American Girl's Dream

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Scandia Dream
2 October 1977
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Hi everyone!

I am a very rational, creative, and optimistic person. I like anime, manga, and cosplay. I also like animals, reading, collecting dolls, working out, shopping, traveling, and doing arts and crafts.

Due to circumstances- some under my control, some not, most of them positive, very few not- I have decided to make this journal friends only. If you want to read it, please comment- I am very friendly.

True Love Waits!

80s cartoons, academics, alpha phi omega, alumnae initiation, ambition, american girl, american girl dolls, analyzing everything, animals, anime, anime conventions, anime music videos, answers, art, artbooks, ballet, being nice to everyone, big words, biology, body combat, body flow, books, captain planet, career, career woman, cartoons, children's librarianship, christian deism, christianity, chronicles of narnia, clamp, classic rock, classic shoujo, classical, classical music, cons, cosplay, crafts, creativity, curiosity, dance, dancing, daydreaming, ddr, deism, distance learning, dolls, drawing, eating out, encyclopedias, enneagram, environment, exercise, faberge eggs, fashion, final fantasy, fine arts, fitness, flamenco, flowers, germanic countries, gifted education, giftedness, girl scouting, girl scouts, graduate school, greek letter organizations, green living, hana no ko lunlun, heroism, idealism, imagination, information literacy, intellectual, intelligence, internet, inventiveness, juvenile fiction, languages, librarianship, libraries, library, library programming, library science, literacy, magic knight rayearth, manga, maria-sama ga miteru, masters degree, matilda, mbti, mediterranean music, meeces, message boards, museums, music, myers-briggs type indicator, narnia, natural sciences, non-fiction, old school anime, overanalyzing, painting, personality, pet goldfish, pet mice, pets, plooshies, pre-raphaelite paintings, professional, psychology, public librarianship, public libraries, questions, reading, reason, reference, reference librarianship, religion, road trips, roald dahl, rose of versailles, scandinavia, science, shopping, shoujo, skating, specialist degree, speculating, spirituality, storytelling, sweet tomatoes, teenage mutant ninja turtles, theta phi alpha, thinking too much, typing everyone and everything, vegetarian, vegetarianism, video games, voltron, wikipedia, wine, working, working out, working woman, wrong number stories, yoga, youth librarianship, zero common sense, zumba

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